About Us

MyPharmAssist.org is an accumulation of dreams, aspirations, and a vision for the way pharmacy should be. On a snowy day in rural upstate New York, a clinical pharmacist discussed medications with patients for 40 minutes in their local convenience store while shopping for milk. This led the pharmacist to a variety of questions. Why don't patients have this information? How could this information get delivered to patients easily? What information delivery system fits with our current time? The pharmacist and his wife problem solved these questions over the winter with the help of their friend coffee. After multiple months of discussing and planning, lots of paper, and pairing with some amazing local companies: MyPharmAssist.org was born.

Our goal is the same as it was for the pharmacist in the convenience store: give patients great memorable medication information so they can succeed at taking control of their health. Whether it is getting organized with our FREE medication list keeper, getting a quick question answered through our secure messaging portal, or really getting into the details with a video consult, we hope that bringing a pharmacist right to your medicine cabinet will help you get the most out of your medications.