How it Works for Pharmacists

Thank you for looking for more information about how works! Our platform lets any pharmacist help patients whenever the pharmacist wants from wherever the pharmacist wants. By providing secure messaging and video conferencing, the pharmacist can review a patient's medication list and answer any questions the patient may have. Below you will find multiple Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in this process. If you have additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us or register for your Pharmacist account today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the perks of using

  • Where to begin? First and foremost you will be getting to do what you truly went to pharmacy school for: to help patients! Reason enough, but there is also...
  • You will essentially be running your own business. This gives you the opportunity to complete questions and consults the way you want to. Your biggest critic is your patient. Provide great service, get great reviews, and help more patients!
  • Save on items like office space, vehicle mileage, telephone cost, etc. using the platform.
  • Set your own hours and time investment. Do you have time during your kid's nap to answer a few questions or schedule a video call? Perfect! Is your goal to do 75 questions a week to save for vacation? Super! Mold your commitment and investment to your lifestyle.

How do I sign up as a pharmacist?

Register for your Pharmacist account today, and you will be directed to fill out an online form. This information will be used to create your online pharmacist presence. Upload the picture you would like as your profile, then upload pictures of your license for each state (internal use) as well as your driver's license (internal use as well). Attach a Notice of Privacy Practices, sign required documents, apply yearly subscription fee of $360 (less than a dollar a day) and submit. This will go to for review. Once approved, you will receive an email with a few additional steps required to complete the process. You should have access to the website within a few days so you can begin helping patients.

Am I employed by

You are not an employee or agent of Our company provides a platform on which you can reach patients while creating your own schedule and level of involvement. You work for yourself—an independent contractor.

How do I get paid?

You get paid every time you work. Patients pay $22 for each video consult and $3 for each Quick Question answered. You receive the above amount minus a processing fee collected by our secure payment processor. That money is deposited directly into your account. No insurance processing is needed. That's it!

What if a patient needs a refund?

There are very few situations where this would be needed but that is a discussion between you and your patient. Generally if a video consult can't occur (due to technology or other reasons), it can be rescheduled. A quick question does allow for follow-up if needed but should usually require a single answer. In any event, the patient can be refunded by utilizing the platform we have built, and there are instructions on this process for both patient and pharmacist within the website.

Do you help us advertise?

Yes we do! As we like to say: a little advertising goes a long way and a lot of advertising goes a longer way. We love seeing pharmacists sharing in the mission of helping patients by handing out business cards, sharing on social media, sporting a T-shirt, or posting a Tweet! We even setup a store on Vistaprint for all your advertising needs.

What's in this for

Great question! We are on a mission to change how pharmacy care is delivered to patients. We also feel we provide an opportunity to show the healthcare community the value of every pharmacist in their network; pharmacists have a wealth of knowledge and a willingness and desire to assist patients. We've thought of thousands of different ways to achieve this, and is the accumulation of all of these thoughts. Our ultimate reward is the stories and comments from patients about how their life has been changed by our platform. That's what's in it for us!

Is a pharmacy? is not a pharmacy, nor do we perform pharmacy services to patients. The pharmacist-patient relationship is solely between you and the patient. In our role, we operate and maintain our platform to help you service patients.