How it Works for Pharmacies

If there is anything that has been shown over these last few years, it is that pharmacies are a central hub for patient care. Whether it be providing prescriptions, counseling, vaccinating, or providing MTM services, pharmacies are currently doing more and more with less and less. Here at, we have created an online technology package that not only provides your pharmacy with an on-line presence, but also lets any pharmacy connect with patients in our modern world while streamlining services. Here is what is included:

  • Placement of your pharmacy on "Pharmacies" section - This lists your pharmacy and location for all patients to see.
  • Access to for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians - This provides a home base for all digital communication with patients.
  • Secure Messaging - This service allows patients to directly message your pharmacy with questions or requests. This encrypted technology makes these messages HIPAA compliant. Many patients prefer to message over call. Besides being easier for patients, it also reduces the amount of phone time for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. This creates a more efficient workflow.
  • Video Conferencing - We provide HIPAA compliant video conferencing that allows patients to meet with their pharmacist virtually. This can be used for MTM, counseling for patients who are home bound, or as an added service for your patient population.
  • Scheduling Assistant - Our website provides a scheduling assistant that lets your pharmacy set the dates and times that you would like to provide video conferencing services. This links directly to patients to allow them to select a date and time that works well for them.
  • Email - This is provided with the ability to encrypt messages making communication with patients HIPAA compliant. This can utilize the domain or your current domain.
  • Payment - An integrated payment processor that allows set rate charging for services provided. If your pharmacy views this more as a value-added scenario, charging for services is not required.
  • Microsoft Products - Access to Microsoft on-line products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Outlook and OneNote.
  • Marketing - provides advertising along with access to purchase pre-built advertising solutions (business cards, banners, mugs, etc.) to share with your patients the new service you provide. really gives pharmacies all of the tools they need to create a new revenue stream or a value-added service. Pricing for this is dependent on a few variables so we ask that you request a quote or contact us if you have any questions. This is also where you can request a demonstration if you would like to see in motion. We hope we can help you bring a pharmacist right to your patient's medicine cabinet!