How it Works for Patients

Thank you for looking for more information about how works! Below you will find multiple Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in this process. If you have additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us or register for your free account today.

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My Meds

My Meds is a FREE service that helps you always have your list of medications at your fingertips.

Simply register, go to the My Meds section, fill in the information, and you're all set. This provides our pharmacists with your information for consults or questions and also allows you to share your list by email with anyone you like.

A few minutes spent entering this information makes a clean, easy-to-read list that is always accessible. Whether you have an elderly parent, are traveling, or just out for a run, having a medication list available for an emergency can be a life saver.

Did we mention it is FREE?


Quick Questions

Quick Question is the spot where, for less than a cup of coffee, you can ask a pharmacist a question you have been longing to know the answer to.

Simply register, fill in My Meds, select a pharmacist, submit your question, and the answer is delivered directly back to you.

  • Wondering about vaccines?
  • Don't know if you should start a new herbal supplement your best friend says is great?
  • Think you might have a side effect from a medication but unsure if the medication causes it?
  • Have a personal medication question you don't want to ask in a wide open public pharmacy?
  • Wondering what medications are safe to give a sick toddler?

Ask a pharmacist.

The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with registration.


Video Consult

Ever want to talk to your pharmacist about your personal medication list? Ever want to chat with your pharmacist but get the feeling that they are really busy?

For less than the cost of a pizza, our pharmacists will spend 20 uninterrupted minutes with you answering any question you've got about your medications AND you receive a document with recommendations from the pharmacist at the end of your consult. Keep it for yourself or share it with your doctor. Sounds too good to be true, but that is what does: we bring the pharmacist to your medicine cabinet virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you fill prescriptions?

No, but we can make suggestions about your medications that you may discuss with your primary care physician.

How can I get the information discussed in my video consultation to my primary care physician?

At the conclusion of your video consult, your pharmacist will provide a summary to the email address you provided. You may then forward or print this summary to discuss with your primary care physician.

Is this covered by insurance?

We do not bill insurance. We strive to answer questions from all members of our community for less than a cup of fancy coffee and, with that in mind, we keep the transactions between the patient and their pharmacist.

What if my topic is too complex for the quick question function?

A pharmacist will try to answer your question as best as possible and may suggest a more in depth video or telephone consult.

What is covered in a video consultation?

A video consultation is a 20 minute one-on-one virtual visit with a pharmacist of your choice in your state. The pharmacist can assist you with going over your entire medication list, suggest any possible areas for improvement or change, and make sure that your medications are best suited to your medical history and current symptoms. A video consultation can also cover questions that are more in depth and require more time to answer, such as diabetes education, pain management, nicotine cessation, weight loss, and any other medical questions that a patient wants to understand more about.

Do I need special technology for the video consultation?

Upon selecting a date and time for your visit, you will be emailed a link to a TEAMs visit. On the day of your visit, simply click the link on your email and you will be connected via your cell phone or computer to the pharmacist. If you would like to complete the consultation by voice only, simply dial the number and enter the authorization code for access into the meeting.

How do I pick my pharmacist?

You may select any pharmacist from the state in which you reside. Simply browse the pharmacist profiles to see a bit about each pharmacist, including their education, work experience, and reviews from other patients. When you find the pharmacist who fits you best, select them to ask a question or schedule a video consult.